The Toro Ya Me

What is Toro Ya Me

Toro Ya Me is a modern twin-hulled vessel built by a leading engineering firm under the watchful eye of a renowned structural engineer. This family owned and operated boat adheres to a stringent set of safety regulations. This applies both to the Skippers’ qualifications as well as the inherently modern features of the boat.

The Toro Ya Me caters for a variety of functions ranging from sunset cruises to corporate conferencing. Excluding the crew, the vessel can comfortably accommodate 35 passengers. Standard catering includes snacks, meals and beverages. For specialised services that are not mentioned on our standard menu, it is requested that you contact us well in advance.

In season the Toro Ya Me offers two daily morning and evening cruises. You can use this website to check for availability to make an online booking. Alternatively you may also use our contact form to make an enquiry and your host Derna will contact you in person to make the necessary arrangements.