Terms and Conditions:

1. The function needs to be confirmed and paid for in full, 2 weeks prior the function date.50% deposit payable immediately to secure booking.

2. The venues  will be hired as is with furniture, sound, waiters/cleaners, fuel, safety gear, and qualified skipper, crockery, cutlery etc.

3. Liquor on the boat will be pre-ordered and paid for prior to arrival. Liquor at the Lapa can be pre-ordered or cash bar.

Full payment will be settled and paid for before leaving the premises on the day of the function.

4. All cruises are at the discretion of the boat Captain for safety reasons. Should weather conditions not be suitable for the boat to go on the

water, the function will be held on the boat where docked. No cancellations due to weather conditions will be accepted and no refunds

given. Lapa is covered,  conferences, functions and team buildings will continue as usual if weather conditions are not good.

5. Cancellation/ postponements of bookings will be subject to the following cancellation fees:

– Cancellation / postponements 30 to 60 days prior to function – 25% of the total cost ;

– Cancellation / postponements 30 to 14 days prior to function – 50% of the total cost;

– Cancellation / postponements less than 14 days prior to function – 100% of the total cost.

6. Neither Toro Ya Me nor any holding, parent, subsidiary, affiliated or associated company or representative shall be liable for any injury,

illness, harm, trauma, death and/or loss of or damage to you or your belongings whatsoever howsoever caused and you indemnify Toro

Ya Me accordingly. Toro Ya Me, its employees and agents shall furthermore not be liable for any indirect and/or consequential loss or

damages whatsoever even though this may be as a result of negligence on the part of a Toro Ya Me employee(s).

7. All  guests have to adhere to the rules, regulations and safety instructions during the function, cruise, conference, team building etc.. ,

as we cannot be held liable for any accidents or incidents that  occur during any event.

8. A maximum of  35  up to  60 guests are allowed per function, depending on the venue.

9. Children under the age of 18 years are to be accompanied by their parents or adult supervision during any function, cruise, team building.

10. Prices can increase without prior notification. Prices are valid for 4 weeks from date of quote.

11. Our operating hours from 10h00 until 18h00 depending on the venue and event.

12. Ensure that you arrive on time as per the time slot that you have booked  your function, as we will strictly operate according to those times.

13. Any damages to property will immediately be paid by the client.

14. All Rights are reserved. All delegates enter the boat  / lapa / team building area at own risk.

15. The entrance fee of R100 per person and R50 per vehicle at the Oewer Club gate is excluded.

This fee is payable in cash at  Schoemansville Oewer Club, at the Entrance on the date of arrival.

16. No Undercover parties or strippers will be allowed on any of the boats or at the lapa or anywhere on the presmises.